I saw an angel in the marble and I carved until I set him free.
— Michelangelo


Our Mission

The mission of The Ceramic Art & Culture Institute is to support individual and artistic growth, and to enrich the City of Reading by promoting the cultural benefits of craft within the historic district of Centre Park.  Believing that creative expression transforms lives, the Institute is committed to providing life-enriching experiences through gallery exhibitions of world-renowned artists as well as the talented artists who live and work in our region, focused ceramic arts education and public programs, support for local artists and strategic partnerships facilitating cultural and economic development.  The Institute’s programs nurture the creative spirit, which is expressed in ceramic craft, teaching skills, ideas, and the value of handmade artistry.  

The Ceramic Art & Culture Institute provides a stimulating, transformative place where people love to work, feel free to experiment, and often exceed their personal expectations.  This total immersion experience where students and teachers live and work together, engaged in focused workshops, provides a uniquely effective way of learning and facilitates the exchange of information and ideas.

Programs offered designed to enhance the appreciation of art among those who frequent the historic district will include exposure to artists of national repute who teach at the Institute, as well as the opportunity to become involved in local instruction, preserving traditions as well as expanding boundaries.  The gallery hosts local and national exhibitions of ceramic art, as well as presentations/lectures offered to the public to stimulate an appreciation and understanding of the arts and historic preservation.  A concerted effort is made to foster creativity among both secondary school and college students, with outreach efforts to provide scholarships to students who would otherwise not have this unique opportunity for artistic growth. We have worked hard to create an inclusive environment where artists are free to express themselves creatively regardless of race, gender, or economic background.  Our institute prides itself on being a hub for diversity and acceptance through common interests.  

The Ceramic Art & Culture Institute is proud to join in the revitalization efforts of the City of Reading, including expansive collaboration with the surrounding artistic communities of Lancaster and Lebanon.