Basement Studio Renovation

For the last year, the Ceramic Art & Culture Institute has been working on raising the necessary funds to restore the basement of our facility which is designed to house our ceramic studio.  Before we could purchase the ceramic equipment generously funded by the Arcadia Charitable Trust, our organization needed to complete various restoration projects.  The majority of these projects were funded with monies raised during our "Fill Up My Cup" fundraiser event on June 16, 2017.  In order to save money on renovation, friends of the Institute and I did as much on our own as we could without incurring the cost of professional assistance.  For instance, we painted the walls and floors, retiled the fireplace, demoed the rotting wood areas, and sealed the floors and stone walls.  Additionally, we had two volunteers donate their time to build all the custom shelving and tables for the studio, so we only had to pay for material cost, a huge savings.  We also repurposed objects left behind from the previous owner such as an old cabinet and bench seating.  Additionally, I worked with a local ceramic supply store to get a better deal on the majority of the studio equipment purchased with the Arcadia grant.  The grant was used to purchase 7 ceramic wheels, a spray booth, a slab roller, a glaze formulation table, 18 stools, a tool storage cabinet, an industrial sink & parts, 2 mobile shelving units, canvas for tables, and miscellaneous ceramic tools.  The remaining equipment was needed was purchased with money we received through fund raising. 

Now that the studio is complete, we will be starting community classes in Fall 2017.  A large portion of these classes will involve our Community Outreach Initiative, where we will be hosting low cost or free ceramic workshops for students from various other charities with which we have partnered. Students will learn a variety of ceramic techniques such as hand building,glazing, and even trying their hands at the ceramic wheel!  If your organization is interested in getting involved in this program, please contact us!

Below are before, during, and after pictures of renovation.


During Renovation

Completed Studio


New Sign

The Ceramic Art & Culture Institute updated its front lawn with a new sign showcasing our new logo!

Replacing The Roof

The entire roof was replaced with brand new Vermont Red Slate.  

Carriage House Restoration

The Carriage House located behind the main house was restored and transformed into our Executive Director's personal Studio and Gallery.  Now equipped with a wheel, kiln, and work tables, Hollace Kutay is able to continue creating onsite while still managing the rest of the Institute.  

Sprinkler System Installation

To comply with City Code, the Institute installed a sprinkler system that reaches every room of the four floor home.  Each pipe had to then be hand painted in order to blend in with the walls.  

Interior Improvements

Work on the second floor of the house began by repairing plaster walls, cleaning historic bathroom fixtures, and also bringing the plumbing into the 21st century.  Until the Institute opens in 2018 and our Executive Director moves into the third floor self contained apartment, she will reside in two of the bedrooms on the second floor.  

Exterior Improvements

Through a grant from the Centre Park Historic District, we were able to do restoration work on our outside columns and railing.  

Additionally we sanded and stained the mahogany front porch. 

Restoring The Antique Chandelier

Unfortunately the antique chandelier that graced the living room of the Institute for many years spontaneously fell potentially due to construction throughout the building and a not adequately reinforced connection to the ceiling.  We had the chandelier restored, and it is now shining even brighter than before.