Boy Scout Workshop

This year The Ceramic Art & Culture Institute is partnered with the Pennsylvania Dutch Council of the Boy Scouts for our summer fundraiser "Fill Up My Cup: Party Like A Pineapple".   This partnership is symbolic of the many partnerships our organization has made with other local non-profit groups to allow youth the opportunity to experience the ceramic arts through a total immersive artistic experience.

The Pennsylvania Dutch Council works hard to always have resources available for a scout and his family to participate in their programs regardless of finances.  They have multiple funds available in their operating budget that allow for scouts to apply for a “Campership” which will allow them to participate in activities such as Summer Camp, general scouting, or district events.

A portion of funds raised during this event have been donated to the "Campership" program.  Addiotnally, all money raised from the live auction of the scout's cups at the event have been put aside for scouts to participate in workshops at the CACI to obtain their pottery badges.

In June, the Ceramic Art & Culture Institute hosted 5 scouts for a cup making workshop.  The cups created were then generously donated by the boys for our live auction.  The scouts were asked to make their pieces inspired by their personal experience with nature.