Fill Up My Cup

“Fill Up My Cup” took place June 16, 2017 at the Conestoga Home and Gardens in Lancaster, PA.  This festive event included signature drink tastings by six Lancaster County Bars/ Restaurants, sumptuous appetizers, and a themed silent auction.  Each guest also got their selection of a handmade ceramic cup created and donated by one of the 100 national and local ceramic artists who participated.  The cups were then used during the event to taste the signature drinks and served as a centerpiece for conversation!  

We would like to specially congratulate Mike from Bube’s Brewery who won our signature cocktail competition, earning him a week in Las Vegas!  We hope he returns next year as our reigning champ!  

The proceeds from this event will go towards finishing our basement studio renovation.  Stay tuned for pictures of the completed project as well as information about our studio open house and how to sign up for workshops.  


Thank You!!

A special thanks to the Steinman Foundation for allowing us use of the beautiful Conestoga Home and Gardens!!

Event Sponsor:

Lancaster Toyota: Thank you for your dedicated commitment to bettering our local communities.

Alcohol: Faber Distilling Company, Coach’s Beer & Soda 

Live Music: Bill Anderson
Graphic Advertisement Work: Jeanne Collins-Shayter
Blue Cheese: Great Hill Blue
Raffle: April & Gary Kutay
Bartender Competition Participants: Federal Taphouse

Bartender Competition Participants: Federal Taphouse Restaurant, Bube’s Brewery, Lancaster Country Club, Bent Creek Country Club, Annie Bailey’s Irish Pub 

VIP Desserts: Thorn Hill Winery, Square One Coffee, Sweet Shoppe, Barberet Bakery, Mamas Pizza, Bent Creek Country Club! Lyndon Diner, Desserts by Sarah, The Press Room

Silent Auction: Minna Strang (6),Troy Snyder & Michael Foley (3)Faber Distilling Company, Grandview Winery, Frey’s Greenhouse, The Shand Family, The Hershey Company, Michele and Steve Saudarg, Genuine Tobacco, C. Phillip Daspit, MD (2), Jennie Sweeny, S. Clyde Weaver, April & Gary Kutay (3)

(Artists) Scott Krenitsky, Melanie Sherman, Craig Clifford, Adero Willard, Sharon Reay, Hollace Kutay (2), Doug Peltzman, Rob Boryk, Casey O’Connor

Ceramic Cup Donating Artists: 

Shawn Spangler- Hawaii
Bethany Benson- Pennsylvania
Karl Borgeson- Wisconsin
Melissa Weiss- North Carolina
Dim & Sum- Texas
Adam Field- Montana
Seth Green- Indiana
Jogn Oles- Alabama
Adero Willard- Massachusetts
Bryan Hopkins- New York
Kate Maury- Minnesota
Kent Rothman- California
Melina Gary- Texas
Julie Crosby- New York
Jen Allen- West Virginia
Doug Peltzman- New York
Gwen Juvenal- Utah
Posey Bacopoulos- New York
Ashley Huang- Hawaii
Matt Hyleck- Maryland
Chris Campbell- North Carolina
Martha Grover- Maine
Susan Tirrell- Montana
Kent McLaughlin- North Carolina
Suze Lindsay- North Carolina
Grace Sheese- Illinois
Mitchell Spain- Iowa
Chris Staley- Pennsylvania
Penelope Van Grinsven- Pennsylvania 

Stephanie Seguin- Pennsylvania 

Kevin Kowalski- California

Marty Fielding- North Carolina
Kurt Weiser- Arizona
Karen Swyler- Vermont
Joe Pintz- Missouri
Laura Korch- Arizona
Simon Levin- Wisconsin
Sharon Reay- British Columbia, Canada 

David Crane- Virginia

Richard Ressel- Pennsylvania

Brooke Millecchia- New York

Liana Agnew- Florida
Dick Lehman- Indiana
Ann Marie Cooper- Washington

Melanie Sherman-Missouri  

Samantha Diamond- Pennsylvania

Dan Schmitt- Oregon 

Craig Clifford- Wisconsin
Linda Christianson- Minnesota

Bret Poplos- Maryland
Casey O’ Connor- California

Judi Tavill- New Jersey
Maria Dondero- Georgia

Stephanie Osser- Maine

Roberto Lugo- Vermont
Kei Sasaki- Maine
Karen Beall- Pennsylvania
Joe Page- Illinois
Brett Freund- Minnesota
Denis Maust- Pennsylvania 

Lars Voltz- Montana
Ryan Mysers- Wisconsin 

Nicholas M. Devreis- Minnesota 

Susan Beiner- Arizona
Kodi Thompson- Illinios
Sanam Emami- Colorado 

Carina Ezell- Colorado
Eric Rempe- New Jersey

Stepanka Horalkova
Zak Helenske- Washington 

Kungmin Park- Maine
Mat Rude- Washington
Lynn Smiser Bowers- Texas

Matt Watterson- Ohio
CJ Niehaus- Illinios
Edge Barnes- North Carolina

Stuart Asprey- Oklahoma 

Michael Penilla- California
Rob Boryk- Pennsylvania
BJ Watson- Pennsylvania 

Hollace Kutay- Pennsylvania 

And thank you to our generous event volunteers!!