A special thanks to our Founders!

Gold Founders 

Jeanne A. Collins-Shayter

Gary & April Kutay

Watkins Architect LTD/ Synergetics 


Silver Founders 

Jeanne Arnold 

Keith & Sue Bocchicchio

Jeff & Will Courtney 

Jim & MaryBeth Eberle & Family

Charles Frey, Jr. & Family

Hagelgans & Veronis 

Leland Kutay and The Frenzel Family

Greg Kiddy & Zac Reaume

Dr. Raymond Peart & Dr. Pamela Koch

Mark & Nancy Randall

Wayne & Marian Martenas 

MedQuest, Ltd.

O. Christopher Miller & William Bender

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Shand 

Sun Moter Cars BMW

Dr. & Mrs. John Weierbach 

Dr. & Mrs. Richard Weismer 

Pat Tell

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Colleran 

Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Hart 

Jerry Roscoe