The Ceramic Art & Culture Institute is proud to join in the revitalization efforts of the City of Reading, including expansive collaboration with the surrounding artistic communities of Lancaster and Lebanon.

Over the next year the Ceramic Art & Culture Institute will continue to renovate and restore its place of residence, the historic Hendel House, located in the Historic District of Centre Park, Reading, PA.  Please visit Restoration and Renovation Projects to view the newly renovated ceramic studio, and learn about our programs!  We will open at full operation with all proposed programs in 2019 when we host our first visiting artist.  

Until then, we will continue with our Community Outreach Initiative program as well as begin offering local community classes starting March 6th, 2018.  

Visit the Reading Eagle for an article about our recent Open House!


Restoration and renovation projects

Keep up to date with our ongoing renovation projects! 

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Upcoming Events

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